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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook advertising is the most cost-effective advertising platform out there. It also gives you the ability to laser-focus your ads to the people you want to target. Most online channels have a targeting accuracy average of around 38%, while Facebook offers the most precise targeting, at an 89% accuracy rate. Why is Facebook so effective? It targets real people – not cookies or browsers – and it finds your audience no matter what device they are using.

Whether you’re in a B2C or B2B industry, your audience is on Facebook. They’re active, they’re engaged, and they’re all buying goods and services – possibly from someone else. If you’re not advertising on Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, so give us a call and let’s get you in the game today.

When you hire Reflective Marketing to manage your Facebook ads, you will:

  • Save money. Our experts will maximize your advertising budget to drive the results that matter most to you.
  • Target your ideal audience. Where most new advertisers fail is finding their target audience; we will strike the perfect balance between reaching enough people and reaching the right people on Facebook.
  • Never worry about the technical details. We handle every aspect of your campaign, from setup and creative to optimization and measuring results.
  • Get customized support and recommendations. We’re a small team, and we love working one-on-one with our clients to get the results they need in their business. We believe in going above and beyond to help you drive awareness, engagement, and sales.

Project-based and monthly packages available. Contact us below to learn more!

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